Friday, July 20, 2012

Meet credentials

Whenever you go to a meet, as a coach or an athlete, you have to get your credential.  This is what lets the security guards, etc, know that you as a coach or athlete are allowed to go to certain parts of the facility that the fans are not allowed to go to.  Here is a picture of my credential from the meet here in Poland:

As you can see, under the Trener/Coach designation in the top right corner are the numbers 1 and 5.  Those numbers state where we are allowed to go:

1 = VIP area
5 = Warm-up area

We are not allowed into the competition area or the track.  This is common at track meets, unlike most other sports.  In track, coaches have to essentially coach from the stands.  The event your athlete is competing in, and where that event is in the venue, can really affect how that interaction goes.  Sometimes, the event takes place very close to the stands.  Sometimes you have to yell across all 8 lanes of the track.  This can get a little crazy when races are taking place, especially if you're in a big stadium with thousands of people who are yelling and screaming.

I'll try to post some pictures of the facility after we go this afternoon.

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