Saturday, July 14, 2012

London Diamond League, Day 2

Surprise, surprise, the wind and rain continued for another day.  I think this might become a theme for the trip.  We took the 10:30 shuttle for the 40 minute ride over to the track with the 7 other triple jumpers.  The TJ was the first event up so Amanda was competing as the stadium was filling up.  

In the field were three of the past six World Championships medalists (2011 Outdoors and 2012 Indoors) along with several other athletes who have jumped over 46 - 47 feet so it was a quality field.  It was in the high 50's when she jumped and there were some pretty strong headwinds throughout the competition.  Amanda had two jumps with -3.0 winds or stronger!!  For those of you non-track people, that's a pretty significant headwind.  Amanda was in fourth after the first three jumps with a solid jump of 13.82 (45'4), just 12 centimeters short of her season's best, which she jumped at the Olympic Trials.  Unfortunately she wasn't able to improve on that jump and she was passed by one athlete (the World Indoor Champion).  That being said, it was a pretty successful meet, where we were able to see several of the top girls in the world and compete in conditions that we will probably see in three weeks at the Olympic Games.  Plus, it's always good to beat a few girls, especially some who have made finals at some Major meets.

Amanda heads up to Birmingham tomorrow to check into the US training camp for a few days.  I'll hang out in London and do a little sightseeing and hopefully meet up with some old friends and maybe even some distant relatives that I haven't seen in many years.  We will meet up again on Thursday at the Berlin airport to get the shuttle to our next meet.  

Below is a link to todays meet:

That's all for now.  It might be a few days before another post, so bear with me.

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